Front, left to Right: Dave Abell, soprano, alto, tenor, bass (S,A,T,B) Recorders, Percussion; Terry Kramer, Violin, Percussion
Back, left to Right: Carolyn Moskowitz, T,B Recorders, Krumhorn, Percussion; Jeanne Pendergast, sopranino, S,A,T,B Recorders; Jan Futrell, Viola

Not Pictured: Nona Kraus, recorders, who is on indifinite leave due to illness. Gilbert Cline, Professor, Department of Music, Humboldt State University, is our artistic consultant.


Jan Futrell, Viola

Jan Futrell switched from violin to viola in high school and majored in music at Humboldt State University. She has been in local symphonies and several string and mixed ensembles. She currently plays in the Eureka Symphony, a string quartet and other small ensembles.

Carolyn Moskowitz, Krumhorn, Recorder, Percussion

Carolyn Moskowitz plays Great Bass & Tenor Recorders, Tenor Krumhorn (a capped, double reed) and percussion. She arranges most of the music for this group and composes for other instrumental ensembles. To see composition samples, go to

Dave Abell, Recorders, Percussion

Dave Abell is an experienced soloist who plays Baroque on Alto and early music on Alto, Tenor, and Bass recorders. He also has arranged and performed much of the percussion used in our group.

Nona Kraus, Recorders  (At this time, Nona is not playing due to illness. Our music has been rearranged to cover her parts.)

Nona Kraus play Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass recorder with two early music groups. Like many recorder players, she learned the instrument as an adult. Through the years she has honed her skills in workshops as well as through practice and public performance.

Jeanne Pendergast, Recorders

Jeanne Pendergast plays Sopranino, Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass recorder. She also plays harp, piano, and flute. The several groups she plays with encompass a variety of music including classical European, American pop (up to about the eighties) and traditional Celtic.

Terry Kramer, Violin, Percussion

Terry Kramer teaches violin privately and at Humboldt Music Academy. She is a member of the Eureka Symphony and studies violin with concertmaster Terrie Baune.

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