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"2015" at the end of an entry means the piece was changed from sextet to quintet. "OK for 2015" means the old version will work as a quintet.

Several "V" numbers have more than one version. Each version is a separate document. Christmas pieces are listed under VC. Many "R" scores are only for indicated parts, such as R118, viola.

(To read alto clef for viola: Think treble & go up 1 step. Or, think bass & go down 1 step.)

V 51 "Anonymous" 16th cent. No So Yo, & Yendome & Viniendo
V 52 Locke, M. 17th cent. Jigg
V 53 Purcell, H. 1658-95 Air Adagio 
V 53 Purcell, H. 1658-95 Air Adagio  2015
V 54  Gottes namen faren (Paulus Hofheimer)
V54 Gotts namen faren (Paulus Hofheimer) 2015
V 55 LaYolle, F. 1475-1540 Doulce Memorie, Encino, Amor con Fortuna
V 56 Argricola, V. Bicinium, 15-16th cent. OK for 2015
V 57 de Florentia, A. 14th cent. Questa Legiadra Luce OK for 2015
V 58 de Florentia, A. 14th cent. Cosa Crudel M'Ancide
V 59 "Florence" 16th cent. Tres doulx repart, Mag. XIX, 59,#4 OK for 2015
V 60 Cavendish, M. 1565-1628 Ayre (for Lute, 1598) 2015
V 61 de Sermisy, C. 1490-1592 Quia Fecit
V 61 NO Tenor
V 62 Herbaut, J. ,Issac,H.  16th cent., Innsbuck, Von Hertzen Dein
V 63 "Anonymous" 16th cent. 3-16th Century Pieces 2015
V 64 Dowland, J. 1562-1628 Pavane Lachrymae
V64 NO Tenor 2015
V 65 de Selma, Bartoclo1580-1640 Fantasia Basso  Solo (exercise)
V 66 des Prés, J. 1450-1521 La Spangna
V 67 Fontana, G. B. c1571–1630 Sonata Nona
V 68 "Anonymous" Johney Cock They Beavor (Division) 2015
V 69 Obrecht. J. 1452-1505 T'sat een meskin
V 70 Peurerl, P. 1570-c1625 Canzon XIV
V 71 Meyer, G. 1495-1550, Hypolydiæher Kanon & Converte Nos
V 72 Arbeau, T. 1519-1895 Tordian
V 73 Arbeau, T. 1519-1895 Basse danse 2015
V 74 "Anonymous" Ane Exempill, etc.
V 75 Anonymous, Angelus ad virginem, Jenny pluck pears, Hundson House
V 76 "Anonymous" Strathspey - Pinkell's OK for 2015
V 77 "Anonymous" Aultre Basse Dance 2015
V 78 Handl, J. 1550-91 Ascendit Deus: used for Xmas VV parts only

V 79 Dufay, G. c1397-1474 Vergene Bella etc. No Ten  2015
V 80 Franck, Melchiocr 1579-1639 Pavana a 4 2015
V 81 Gervaise, C.,An1o5n40-60 Branle De Bourgogne & The Willow Song 2015
V 82 "English" The Black Nag & Hunt the Squirrel 2015
V 83 Anglebert et al 17th cent. Three Minuets 2015
V 84 Pesenti & Costeley, Dallecto & L'an 2015
V 85 Dalza, 16th cent., Calata ala Spagnola 2015
V 86 Charpentier, 1643-1704, Trio de Mr Charpentier 2015
V 87 Purcell, 1659-95, Since the toils & the hazards of war's at an end 2015
V 88 Albinoni, T. 1671-1750, Sonata I
V 89 Gistou, N. c1560-1609; Cortecci, F., 1502-71 2015

V90 Theil, A. & 2 Anon. Padunen Und Galliarden (1609) Bourree (n.d.)
V 91 Canzone in A, Anon. c1600. Canary (n.d.)
V 92 Bicinium STBDrmVV OK for 2015: duplicated lines
V 93 Pavana 
V 94 Rooda Tunes 2015
V95 La Spagna STBGBVV Anon. n.d.
V96 Gavotte, Parson's, Springtanz
V97 Short Pieces 2015
V98 Dubourges Maggot, English
V99 Morely, T. 1557-1604, Canozet, Anon. Como Peudo...Grace 
V100 Kinderman, J. 1616-55, Courante, Ballett