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"2015" at the end of an entry means the piece was changed from sextet to quintet. "OK for 2015" means the old version will work as a quintet.

"VC" numbers are Christmas pieces. "R" scores are not rearranged for our group & some have only the indicated parts, such as R118, viola.

(To read alto clef for viola: Think treble & go up 1 step. Or, think bass & go down 1 step

VC Numbers

VC 1 "Spanish" 16-17th cent. Fum, Fum, Fum  2015
VC 2 French melody, Twas In The Moon Of Wintertime  2015
VC3, Christmas Medley  2015 (some pieces skipped)
VC 4 "French" 16th cent. Entre le Boeuf et l'Ane Gris (2011)  2015
VC 5 "English" 16th cent. A Wait's Song  2015
VC 6 Danby, L.M. 20th cent. Tis Winter Now; the Fallen Snow  2015
VC 7 The Little Dummer Viols  2015
VC 8 "French" What is this lovely fragnance  2015
VC 9 de Upsala, C. 16th cent. Dadme albricias  2015
VC 10 13th cent. Good King Wencelas  2015
VC 11 Medley Ros, Xmas Bells, Noel (3 pieces)  2015
VC 12 Medley Abell Collection 2015  2015
VC 13 13th cent. Edi Beo (& Tentalora)  2015
VC 14 Medley Friendly Beasts medley  2015
VC 15 "Anonymous" 1580 Greensleeves  2015
VC 16 de La Rue, P. c1452-1518 Vexilla regis prodeunt  2015
VC 17 Franco, Sancta Maria 
VC 18 Pederson, M. Arranger, 1620, Kyrie Eleison
VC 19 Zielenski, N. c1600, Adoramus te, Christe  OK for 2015
VC 20 Dufay, G. 1397-1474, Urbs Beata Jerusalem 2015
VC 21 Spain, 16th cent. Riu, Riu Chiu 2015
VC 22 Bring a Torch, Jeanette Isabella, Cradle Song, We Wish You a Merry Christmas 
VC23 On Christmas Night, O Leave your Sheep, & Mix, 2016
VC24 German, 16th cent. & Dutch (n.d.) Maria durch ein'n Dornwald ging & Schfertanz 2016

VC25 du Caurroy, 1549-1609, Ad Advent Noel, 2017

VC26 Vermill, 13th cent. & Dutch traditional, Stella Splendens & If Ye Would Hear, 2017

R Numbers

R 118 Schein, J. H. 1586-1630 Suite No. 18, Vla Only
R 119 "Anonymous" 13th cent. Pucellote
R 120 Gervaise, C. Suite of Bransles de Champagne Vln, Vla
R121 "English" Daphne
R 131 Praetorius, M. 1571-1621 Ballet, Vla
R 134 Ammerbach, E.Nc..1530-1597 Passamezzo Vla
R 134 Vln
R 135 Dalza, J. 16th cent. Pavana ana venetiana
R135 Vla
R135 Vln
R137 Cortecci, F. 1502-1571 Bacco, Bacco
R146 Banchieri, A. 1567-1634 "7"
R149 Susato, T. *publ. 1543-55 Mille Regretz, Vla
R 149 Vln
R160 Dowland, J. 1562-1628 The "Frog" Galliard, Vla
R 160 Trio 
R165-166 Telemann, G. 1681-1767 Fantasia I  Vln Vla
R167, 168 Telemann, G. 1681-1767 Fantasia II Vln Vla
R169 Praetorius, M. 16th cent. ARR.1.Ronde "Warum" 2. Ronde "Mein Freund"
R170 Praetorius, M. 16th cent. ARR. 3. Ronde 4. Ronde
R176 Caroubel, F. 16th cent. Gavottes (3-6) Vln, Vla
R179 Pezel, J. 17th cent. Intrada, Vln Vla
R190 Arbeau, T. 1519-1895 Mixed Branle of War
R193 "English" Tudor Trios, Vln, Vla
R208 Praetorius, M. 1571-1621 Philvov's collection, Lns 3, 4, treble, bass clefs
R 208, Vla 
R211 Gabrieli, A. 1510-1586 Ricercar