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"2015" at the end of an entry means the piece was changed from sextet to quintet. "OK for 2015" means the old version will work as a quintet.

Several "V" numbers have more than one version. Each version is a separate document. Christmas pieces are listed under VC. Many "R" scores are only for indicated parts, such as R118, viola.

(To read alto clef for viola: Think treble & go up 1 step. Or, think bass & go down 1 step.)

V101 Morley, T. 1557-1604, Doe you not know & Canzonet
V102 Sermisy & Ockeghem, Chanson & Sanctus
V103 Appenzeller, B. c1480-1559 & Niederlande traditional, Basse danche & Bauerntanz
V104 Anon. Childgrove, Blue Eyed Stranger, The Fools Jig, Brighton Camp
V105 M. Pesenti, 1600-48, Corrente
V106, Anon. A Division on a Ground
V107 Anon. La Bounette & I Smile to See How you Devise 
V108, Byrd, W. 1538-1623, Two Fantasias for Three Recorders
V109, Locke, M. 1621-77, Fantazie from Suite 1
V110, Locke, M. 1621-77, Pavan from Suite 1
V111, Purcell & Anon. Hornpipe & Scotch Brawl
V112, Purcell & Anon. Medley of Five Pieces
V113 Sermisy & Heuteur, 15th & 16th cent., D'amour ie suis descheritee & Amour parte
V114 Anon. published 1650, The Fine Companion
V115 Pour mon cuer (Routrouenge), En ma dame, (Rondeau), C'est la fin (Virelai), Vos n'aler, (Rondeau)
V116 Danischer & Schweizer Tanze
V117 Dunstable, J. 1390-1453, Veni Sancte Spiritus
V118 Christenius, J. 1565-1626, Intrada 3
V119 Anon., Pedaggio, G. Arr., 17th cent., Con que la lavare
V120 Senfl, L. 1490-1543, Fantasia (LS)
V121 Anon. c 1210, Hypocritae, pseudopontifices/Velut stellae firmamenti/Et guadebit
V122 Guillaume de Machaut (d.1377) Puis qu'en oubli  B, GB changed 5/8/17
V123 Suite Nr. 2, B-Dur: Fantazie & Pavan
V124 J. Desprez, c1450, S. Ives, 1600-62, Mon Mary M'a Di,ame & Come, Honest Friends
V125 Anon. 16th cent. English Jig & John Dory
V126 The King's Morisco, Anon. 16th Cent.
V127 Ruthenian Song, variations on Bartok
V128 Medley (folk songs) corrected 5.17
V129 Medley; She's Like the Swallow, Dance to My Daddy, Anon.
V130 Anon. & A. Aggazari, 1578-1642, Ay mi Lasse & Ave verum corpus natum de Maria Virgine
V131 M. Pesenti, 1600-48, Corrente
V132 Variations on Arbeau melodies in Capirol, Arbeau, 16th cent. Warlock, 1926
V133 Anon Rocky Road to Dublin
V134 Anon, Lithuanian, German, French-Canadian Folksongs
V135 L. Sennfl, Alles Regres
V136 R. Nicholson, d. 1639 Iudaeorum Chorum
V137 Anon. French-Canadian Songs
V138 Dufay, G., Quell Front Signorelli & Semisy, C. Il est en Vous

V139 Old King Cole & Lawes, Wm., Gather Ye Rosebuds

V140 (composer not on original) A questa aspra penitenria

V141, Boddecker, Sonata La Monica (Fagotto Solo) June 2018

V142, Anon. Hornpipe & Old Highland Fling, June 2018</span>

V143, Fernandes, G.Pois contanta graca

V144, Anon. German Medley

V145  German, English Medley 

V146, Isaac, Henricus, Untexted Carmen & Arrigo

V147, (Unknown & Corteccia, F. 1500's, Carro della morte & Pavana Venetiana

V148. Francisco Corteccia, 1502-71, Hor chi mai cantera (Le Nimphe)

V149, Anon. Saraband, Jigg, Ayre

V150, M. Locke & Anon., Saraband & Rounds, AcBVV,VdG (cello range)